Assistant Coach Shrey Patel

Coach Shrey Patel is a highly experienced cricket coach. His blend of exuberance and vast cricket knowledge have made him a sought after coach in the New Jersey cricket scene for the past 4 years. Coach Shrey has had particular success working in the youth ranks with cricketers between the ages of 6 and 18. Coach Shrey backs up his experience with an ICC Level 1 coaching certificate. Coach Shrey handles Level 1 coaching at Cricmax and is under the tutelage and guidance of Cricmax head coach Ashok Patel. Coach Shrey’s experience, education and droves of commitment as cricket player and coach have made him an integral cog in the beginning of many youth cricketer’s careers.

Shrey is the lead co-ordinator of coaching programs at Cricmax. He has worked tirelessly to develop a structured coaching program that leaves no technique or skill untrained. His structured approach has won critical acclaim from some of the world’s top cricketers. Working alongside Head Coach Ashok Patel, they have truly transformed the face of structured cricket training in the USA with a blueprint that would be trusted for any grassroots coaching program.

Other Coaching Staff

Our other coaching personnel includes Arpit Shah, Amar Shah, Dipesh Patel, Sagar Patel and Raj Bhavsar.

They are all highly experienced cricketers on the domestic USA cricket circuits. They have earned many accolades, trophies and awards all through their playing days and as such they are still currently sought after to play for various USA cricket teams. They have harnessed much of their playing experiences and talents into the Cricmax coaching programs to ably assist Coach Ashok and Coach Shrey.