Coaching Tools


Dallas NYCL 2014 313Cricmax boasts the most technologically advanced training software and technology. This includes Pitchvision. Pitchvision is a superlative cricket training product endorsed by cricket trainers worldwide that can give a detailed report of a bowlers performance in training. Pitchvison offers trainees among many things video analysis of their bowling along with data on the line, length and speed of every ball bowled in training. It is a top of the line piece of cricket training software that is available in the USA at the Cricmax facility.

Bowling Machine

Dallas NYCL 2014 313Net bowlers are great but many batsmen prefer the consistency and heightened skill challenge posed by cricket bowling machines. Cricmax offers cricketers access to cricket bowling machines that can be set and adjusted to personally test their batting. The bowling machine allows players of all skill levels to hyper train to be ready for match situations. The bowling machines are managed by skilled Cricmax coaching staff to ensure best results. At Cricmax we use the world’s best bowling machines, manufactured by Bola and Juggs.

Cricket Shot Shaper

Dallas NYCL 2014 313The Cricket Shot Shaper is a unique piece of cricket equipment that gives coaches the ability to position cricketers in the perfect position to execute up to 13 cricket shots. The Cricket Shot Shaper is a high level piece of cricket training equipment that is expertly adjusted and managed by our coaches for the individual needs of each batsman. Cricmax has been using the Cricket Shot Shaper as part of the revolutionary cricket technology and equipment to greatly improve the game of Cricmax cricketers.

Various Manuals & reading materials

Dallas NYCL 2014 313At Cricmax we pride ourselves for being on the cutting edge of cricket coaching innovation. As such we proudly provide our clients with the latest cricket coaching manuals and reading materials. Knowledge is power in any are and Cricmax strives to impart the most up-to-date and informative material to our loyal customers