Cricket Coaching


At Cricmax we love cricket and wish to see it thrive in the USA as a mainstream sport. To this end, we have embraced a mission that includes raising awareness about the great game of cricket, primarily by harnessing the immense talents that exists within North American cricketers.

To accomplish this mission we at Cricmax have a strong team of cricket coaches.

They blend top cricket skills, fair play and create a fun environment conducive for youngsters to learn the game of cricket. Our coaches are complimented by Cricmax’s world class indoor cricket training facility. Our coaches are not only driven to impart from their vast well of cricket experience and knowledge but to imbue a sense of love for the game of cricket by making all of our coaching camps and sessions fun and exciting.

Our Approach

The Cricmax approach is to bring out the best in cricketers of all skill levels. Beginners will enjoy our energetic coaching approach that will have them relishing the game of cricket. Professional and semi-professional will enjoy the world class, technology, insight, facility and coaches on-hand to elevate their game to the next level.

Our staff and administration strive for a high quality cricket coaching service designed to enhance the skills and sporting attributes of all of our participants.