Cricmax offers cricketers the use of the PitchVision system during training sessions. The PitchVision system is equally beneficial to bowlers and batsmen. Cricmax has found it to be of benefit for fielding drills as well.

PitchVision is a motion-capture system that allows coaches and players to analyze, track and improve their performances. Every Cricmax player using the PitchVision system will have their own account in the PitchVision database. Whilst training with PitchVision, every ball they bowl will be tracked for pace, line, length and deviation. There is no better way to keep players aware of their strengths and needs for improvement.

Batsmen likewise can have their perofrmances tracked for every shot they play, this includes runs scored and dismissals. The field settings are customized to the preference of the coach and player to train for all match situations.

Top professional teams are training using the PitchVision system. Along with Cricmax’s outstanding coaches, PitchVision is a very powerful technological tool to fast track cricket training no matter the base ability.

PitchVision puts the power into all parties involved hands by giving detailed reports that are printable at the end of a training session or training semester.