Coaching Programs

Learning the CricMax Way

Group Coaching

Cricmax offers a highly popular skill based training program foraspiring cricketers and kids who just want to have fun alike. Cricmax’s team of coaches have put together a levelled program that is sure to set beginners and advanced cricketers on a path of lots of fun and cricket success. At Cricmax we believe in personalized attention even within a group setting. It is for this reason that we offer a high coach to participant ratio for all our group coaching classes. Participants are grouped by skill degree to ensure a maximized training session for all participants. Our staff track the progress of each participant and report on that progress to ensure a data driven approach to cricket coaching with absolute value for money.


Level 1

In order to provide beginners to the game of cricket with a love for the game and also a solid foundation of skills and techniques, the 8-week Level 1 course is designed to offer:

  • High level coaching using exciting techniques and methods
  • Concentrated focus on basic cricket techniques and skills
  • Introductory cricket exercises using soft balls and bats

The course focuses on fitness drills and basic drills in all of cricket’s three major skills areas, batting,
bowling and fielding.

Participants will be taught how to correctly hold the bat and take their stance to face the bowler. They
will also be taught the very basic cricketing shots of the forward and back-foot defense.

Participants will be taught the various methods of gripping the cricket ball in preparation of delivery.
They will also be shown the metronomic method of delivering the ball from the standing position. This will be complimented by a spot bowling routine with points of assessment to establish a fun and exciting approach to bowling.

Participants will be given a solid foundation to learn basic throwing and basic catching techniques.

Participants will be given a basic running workout as well as shown techniques for stretching. This is
cricket focused stretching that prepares the body for cricket activity.



Level 2

Level 2 builds on foundation of level 1, Level 2 offers participants a systematic development of core cricketing techniques The course starts off with participants using a hard tennis ball for cricket disciplines and culminates with them graduating to play games with a real leather cricket ball.

  • High level coaching implementing and enhancing core cricket techniques and methods
  • Concentrated focus on more advanced cricket techniques and skills
  • Intermediary cricket exercises using hard tennis balls and graduating to leather balls
  • Wicket Keeping track for those interested

Participants will build on techniques learned in Level 1 by advancing to learn the skills necessary to play front foot and back foot drives. Participants will also be introduced to the pull, hook and cut shots. All shots are practiced using a professional cricket bowling machine to induce perfection of the technique through exact duplicated practicing.
Participants will also be introduced to running between the wickets skills and techniques.

Participants will be taught the skills necessary for the full bowling action,this includes the run-up, loading, and follow through. This will ensure bowling basic of bowling straight, wicket-to-wicket as it is known. Drills will look at all major and minor factors of correct delivery including focus on body alignment, body weight and follow through. At delivery point exercises will include pitch mapping to ensure focused pitching technique orientation for swing and spin.

Level 2 offers participants advanced catching skills as well as target throwing. In addition participants will learn basic fielding positions for stopping the ball.
Various dimensions of catching techniques and slip catching, in-field catching

In Level 2, participants get a glimpse at core cricket fitness necessities. This includes mini-hurdles, basic fitness and core strengthening for upper body strength necessary for power batting and fast bowling.
Improving the core of the body is the biggest advantage for these participants as this helps body balance and in turn the overall game

Wicket Keeping
Interested participants will get a basic introductory course into wicketkeeping skills, techniques and methodology.



Level 3

Level 3 aims to incorporate skills and techniques from Levels 1 and 2, to prepare participants to be cricket match ready in all three disciplines of batting, bowling and fielding:

  • Intense coaching that incorporates mental preparedness for cricket
  • Specialized training to perfect batting, bowling and fielding techniques
  • Rigorous exercise regimes to ensure match fitness and injury avoidance

Participants will learn how to structure an innings through a formulated batting approach. Level 3 players will also be given training in all conventional cricket shots including the square cut, the hook and pull and the sweep. Using Cricmax’s data driven equipment and software players will also be coached on correct and calculated shot selection.

Bowling activities and training for Level 3 participants will include an increased focus on accuracy. It will also include mentoring and training for spin bowling and also the basic art of swing bowling. Bowlers will be exposed to insight and analysis using pitch map like technology through Pitchvision.

Players will be taught the techniques for taking high catches as well as taking reflexive and non-reflexive slip catches. This will be coached in tandem with training in sliding to field the cricket ball as well as the art of attacking and defensive fielding. The attacking and defensive fielding modules will all be based on the learning of the various cricket positions.

Players will be trained for cricket match fitness. This includes all necessary exercises used to bring the body to a cricket performance peak. This includes core and running training to be prepared for every cricket discipline.


1 on 1

Dallas NYCL 2014 313
For super advanced cricketers or cricketers that simply want to hone their cricket skills on a 1-on-1 basis, Cricmax offers elite individual training. Individual sessions are designed on the strengths, abilities and weaknesses of the student. Cricmax approach to 1 on 1 session is quite unique. Before 1 on 1 session each cricketer is asked to fill out a questionnaire which gives coach an insight of cricketers mindset. Coach utilizes various tools such as Pitch Vision technology, bowling machine, side arm pro to name few to pinpoint strength and weakness of cricketers. Cricmax’s 1-on-1 sessions are known to provide aspiring professional cricketers with a unique cricketing edge over their competitors.


Specialized Programs

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Cricmax strives to provide coaching experience like no other. Every year Cricmax invites coaches from all across the cricketing nation to conduct high performance camps. These camps have been highly beneficial to budding cricketers. These camps have also been attended by many USA National players as well as USA probables. All the coaching sessions are video taped and used cricketers are provided video analysis.


Summer Camps

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During the lengthy American summer school break, Cricmax offers fun and exciting cricket camps. These camps are designed to not only give them a fun and memorable summer but also provide them with intense cricket training. Cricmax Summer camps are a fun and exciting way to either be introduced to the game of cricket or further develop a players cricketing talents. All of this takes place in Cricmax’s state-of-the-art technologically advanced facility that offers access to other sports like soccer for a holistic Summer experience.